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Project Description


The TRADITIONAL was our first rowing shell series. The current model is the ADVANTAGE.
Van Dusen racing boats are manufactured using advanced composite materials and space-age manufacturing technology. All our boats start with a pigmented polyurethane gel coat that bonds into the laminate during the curing process creating a strong, durable, and UV resistant outer layer. Depending on the hull laminate, we use pre-impregnated fiberglass and/ or carbon fiber cloth; custom-braided graphite and fiberglass parts; Nomex honeycomb, and syntactic cores. We were pioneers in the application of gelcoat, pre-impregnated laminates, vacuum-bagging and autoclave curing techniques to the manufacture of racing boats, and we have maintained a considerable technological lead over other manufacturers. Our kayaks, canoes, and racing shells are simply the lightest, stiffest, strongest, and most durable boats available today.