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Project Description

Mohican K1

2011 Great Stone Dam Classic
Ted Van Dusen, Graeme Rockett

The idea behind the Mohican K-1 was to create a kayak that was as fast as an ICF racing K-1 with its powerful and efficient paddling position, but more stable and seaworthy. After two years of intensive design work using our design codes, towing tank test data, and all that we had learned making medal winning Olympic boats, the result has exceeded even our expectations.
The Mohican excels in the USCA Unlimited Marathon Kayak division, Multisport racing, and Surfski competition. Since its introduction in 2006 it has helped many paddlers achieve their personal best times over a wide range of courses and won numerous races including the USCA 2006 National Marathon Championships with the fastest time over the course for all classes. Many intermediate paddlers find its stability only a small adjustment from the faster sea and touring kayaks that they have been using.