The #8 Wing Paddle Licensed as Braca XI Van Dusen ’92

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The #8 Wing Paddle Licensed as Braca XI Van Dusen ’92 2017-08-03T22:04:20+00:00

Project Description

Braca XI Van Dusen ’92 Paddle

The design of this unique twisted, tear-drop paddle was the result of three years of development and testing. The paddle was first built in 1992 and sold by CEI as “The #8”. Due to the high demand and requests from team riders, BRAČA-SPORT®, a leading high-end paddle manufacturer for sprint canoe and kayak racing, added this special shaped blade to the product line by purchasing a license from Ted in 2014. The Braca XI is considered a “high twist” shape which facilitates a strong catch and clean exit. Many paddles on the market have emulated this shape, but if you have not tried one of Ted’s original paddles (#8) or the Braca XI, you really should. It does require a more precise entry at the catch then other paddles, but once dialed in provides top performance – efficient power at varied cadences.

BRAČA-SPORT® paddles are sold by Braca Paddles in the USA. The new  Braca XI Van Dusen ’92 carbon wing paddle is a popular choice for sprint, marathon, and surf ski kayakers alike.