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  • composite autoclave, triaxial braiding

Technology at Our Facility

Proprietary process development and an investment in high tech systems


Triaxial Braiding System

In 1975, CEI purchased our first industrial braider and began to use its tri-axial braiding capability to fabricate spars, shells and other components. For spars, thickness can be dialed in to achieve mast design specs at every dimension. For shells, this meant box section carbon tubing for the keels and gunwales, a unique feature of Van Dusen boats.

custom carbon fiber mast entering autoclave

Infusion and Pre-preg

Our investment in braiding and autoclave means we have flexibility in offering a full range of laminate methods. We laminate carbon fiber and epoxy using prepreg, infusion, vacuum bagging, autoclave curing.

60 Foot Autoclave

Our 60 foot autoclave is a unique advantage.  We have developed proprietary processes and are highly experienced with this technology.

Full CNC Machining

Our CAD/CAM designs are transferred into a full CNC system for automated machining.

Modeling Shop

This is a vintage wood model!  We have a full model shop including a CNC system.

US Made Rowing Shells

Paint Booth

Our facility has a ventilated paint booth.  Our boats, spars and custom projects require flawless finishing.