Why We Pioneered Wing Riggers

We pioneered the wing rigger concept in 1984 when the minimum shell weight rule was imposed. We had to increase the weight of our boats by 20% and searched for a way to make out boats heavier without being slower.  The airfoil rigger more than compensated for the additional drag of the heavier boat and still allowed us to add more carbon fiber to the hull and make out boats the stiffest ones available. Now that we are all competing with a minimum boat weight the improved aerodynamics give our boats a 3 second advantage over 2000 meters.
Our wing riggers are interchangeable between every wing rigger boat we have ever made.  The wonderful thing is that the rower’s rigging dimensions are preserved even when putting a rigger from their single on a double, pair, or the eight we made for the 1988 Olympics.  This saves a lot of time and worry, gives rowers trying different boats a better experience, and better utilizes the fleet of boats in the club.
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