The Advantage of Autoclaves

Since 1990, we are the only boat maker in the US to make carbon fiber products with an autoclave. Why is an autoclave an exceptionally good way to create racing shells, spars, aerospace and submarine parts? Because it is a pressure oven that not only bakes a vacuumed bag around the item, it creates pressure that removes every last bit of air from the Kevlar honey comb making the item incredibly strong, stiff and light weight. An autoclave assures there is no minute amount of air left in the product to create a weak spot; if there were, a boat may crack, a submarine part may break, an aerospace part may succumb to stress.

Composite manufacturing process

Van Dusen racing boats are manufactured using advanced composite materials and space-age manufacturing technology. Our autoclave curing process combines elevated temperatures and pressure which allows us to use more unidirectional carbon fiber and a high performance heat-cured epoxy. Our hull laminate is thus lighter and stronger than any other. In water bending tests, the Van Dusen Advantage racing shells flex much less than other boats tested when weight is added to the cockpit.

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